Livin' the High Life, Pelican's Defeat Havoc FC 6-0

Posted by Josh Abebe on Nov 17 2010 at 08:50AM PST in October 2010 to March 2011

The Pelican’s Blue Squad, arrived at ACC with fire in their eyes. A fire that spit out a rain of heat from the eyes of the River Hades, which rained upon the unassuming Havoc squad, early and often.
En route to a 6-0 win, the Pelican’s found goals from Ricky Wells, Ricky Wells, Brian Halloway, Ricky Wells, Ricky Wells, and Sam Hamilton.
If you are curious to how the game went, Ricky scored with his face, his hand, and his feet. From good shots off the foot, deflections, and header goals, after Ricky Wells was done, there wasn’t a whole lot left from the Havoc team for Sam and Brian to finish off.
Up 2-0 at the half, after dominating not only posession, but the SOG stats, the Pelican’s managed to continue the shut-out from solid performances out of the back. Goalkeeper Aaron Ingham made several key saves, and had some assistance from the crossbar, en route to completing his shut-out. Editor’s MOM Justin Patteson played a key role in shutting down Havoc’s top goalscorer, and Alex Cameron made their best player run all over the field, before he agreed to switch positions, in order to get the ball more, and to try to make more happen on the field.
A very complete and dominating victory, and a good bounce back from the Pelican’s, as they ran over, around, and through Havoc.
The challenge will be to put two matches like this in a row. Next match versus Bafana on 11/21, @ 11am. Bafana is 1-3-2, but has put up an average of 3.5 goals a game, with leading scorer Shaun Camay with 10 goals on the season. Over six games, they have 21 goals.
Quote of the day:
I must break you. – Drago, Rocky IV


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