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Posted by Josh Abebe on Nov 08 2010 at 02:07PM PST in October 2010 to March 2011

The Pelican’s take this one in the downspout, as they lose 6-0. One fan on the sidelines compared the Pelican performance to that of the Dallas Cowboys this past weekend.
Trailing 1-0 at the half on a contraversial first goal, the Pelican’s could not find the net, and were beaten continuously on counter attacks, with only one goal on the run of play.
The loss drops the Pelican Blue team to 1-2-2, with their next match on 11/14, vs. Havoc, at ACC @ 2:45.
Pelican’s coaches responded much like Jerry Jones this week stating, "There are going to be consequences, I just don’t know what they are yet."
On a serious note though guys, let’s get out this week, and move forward. Put the past behind us, and just not quit, even if we get down. We will make changes, and find what fits. If you have feedback on lineups, please e-mail me, or the Pelican’s management @

Thanks Gents, see you Sunday.


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