Pelican's Whimper in 0-3 defeat to Ouzo

Posted by Josh Abebe on May 26 2010 at 07:10AM PDT in October 2009 to March 2010

I had a long detailed description of the match written up, but for some reason, Mr. Teampages deleted it, so now I’m going to write this one.
The Pelican’s limped out of the season after a 0-3 loss to Ouzo on 5/16. They ended the match prematurely, like a freshman hooking up at a frat party for the first time (please tell me that happened to someone else…).
The first 45 minutes of the match were a 50/50 draw in time of posession. The first half ended 0-0, and the Pelican’s went into the half enthused and ready for the mass of goals that they would encounter at the beginning of the second.
These hopes and expectations were a bit premature, and were dashed by the Ouzo squad, that played as if they had all popped the little blue pill at halftime. Meanwhile the Pelican’s were fighting zero subs, and 115deg swealtering heat, and dehydration…but not Ouzo. They had some secret formula on their sideline that enabled them to play as if the first half didn’t exist.
Upon completion of the match, I went and looked up the definition and symptoms of dehydration, which are as follows:
“the body’s excessive loss of water.” It can be dangerous for life. Severe dehydration can be considered a medical emergency.
1% dehydration leads to thirst.
2% dehydration causes feeling of anxiety, reduced appetite and capacity for work by 20%.
4% dehydration brings feeling of nausea, dizziness, emotional instability, fatigue.
6% dehydration leads to loss of coordination and coherence …

The Pelican’s squad was operating at 10% dehydration, but even still they battled on. Thirsty, nauseated, dizzy, and battling a general lack of coordination and coherence, they fell down one goal, followed by two and three. If not for the overall heart and determination of the squad the score would have been much worse. Kendall played a fantastic game, saving several break-aways, and rocket shots.
Thanks to Ryan, Bob as well, for stepping up and helping out significantly to the efforts. Unfortunately, the Pelican’s fell short in the end, falling 0-3, on goals that were really a result of the overall general fatigue. The first loss Ouzo in over two years. The pelicans were not outmatched, just outmanned in the end.
Just an FYI, I wrote this whole article while dehydrated, so if it makes a little sense, you can thank Mr. Clark, if it makes no sense, then you can blame Michael Clark.

Thus brings the end to a season rought with mediocrity. Finishing 6th in the table is no feat, but when looking at the injuries that were suffered throughout the season, and the players that stepped up from P’cheen, I think that there is plenty positive to take from the season. I look forward to doing battle with you all during the summer season and going into next year.
There will be some changes to some of the squads, and some additions to the squads, but all of them will be in order to make the club better and stronger.
Steve and Chuck, thanks for what you guys have contributed this season. Steve, we look forward to what is in store for the offseason and next year, and know that it will be in the best interests club.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments pertaining to the future of the club, please e-mail Steve directly at
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See you all soon!


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