Pelicans defeat Sting Select 3-2 in a Screamer

Posted by Josh Abebe on Jan 13 2010 at 04:51AM PST in October 2009 to March 2010

Although the weather outside was a frightful 27deg F, at kick off, the Pelicans showed no Holiday hangover, in defeating a gamey Sting squad this past Sunday.
The match scoring started early for the Pelicans. In early quarter of the first half, the Pelicans mantained a significant posession advantage working the ball around the pitch. The through balls were on many times, but Sting played their offsides trap neatly, resulting in several offsides. When the Pelicans were not caught in the trap, they were foiled by speedy defenders catching up on break-aways, or good saves from their 7’13" goalkeeper, known throughout the world as "Fort." His inpenetrable goal was finally pierced on a screaming cross from Ricky Wells, that received a well placed neck header from the #13, on your scorecards. The ball bounced around the box, and finally the "Fort’s" goal mouth was compromised, as he came out to play the ball, and Scooter-ski finished inside of the six. The goal was finished after a good run of posession from the Pelicans who worked the ball from the back, through the midfield before finishing the Wells cross.
Sting did not appear dangerous, but would have attacking moments that did threaten the goal. The Cantoni goal mouth was brushed clean time after time that first half, and the Pelicans went into the half with the lead.
Not wanting to lose that lead, they may have come out a bit too offensive minded, as they were caught on two counter attacks, and were quickly down 2-1. The 20 minute lull, which seems to strike the Pelicans at the wrong time, caught them off guard. Maybe there was a bit of a Holiday hangover. But, after about the 30th minute of the 2nd half, the 5hr energy shots kicked in. Posession was changing, and the Pelicans seemed to be gaining momentum. The defense, with new strategic player adjustment Doug Johnson, shut down the Sting force "Crabbe" (named appropriately). With help from Haji, Luq, and Bryce in the attack, it was only a matter of time before the score was tied. That moment came shortly after that 30th minute when the Pelicans received a throw-in in the Sting attacking 3rd. The throw went across the edge of the six yard line, over the goalkeeper, and found a leaping Bryce Boggs, who finished the header with class and poise into the back netting. At this point, the score was tied, and the Pelicans squad was looking for the game winner.
In the excitement, they/we were caught off guard on a Select counter attack. The ball was ripped in on a cross, and volleyed on the 1/2 from the front edge of the 18. If not for a brilliant reflex save from the Cantoni, the score would have weighed in Sting’s favor. From there, the change of the match was made, as the Pelicans went to a more attacking mode. Luqmon moved to the top, moving Doug to the sweeper position. This move proved advantageous, as at approximately the 40 minute mark, Ricky and Lawrence made moves down the left midfield flank, getting into the final third. Luqmon made a check across the 18, where Lawrence passed him the ball. A superb 1v1 move pushed Luq right passed the defender. Still with much work to do, he cooly slid in with his left foot, and slid the ball under the goalkeeper’s left arm. Thus, securing the win, and starting the 2010 year off right for the Pelicans team.
Congrats to everyone for playing short-handed. Thanks to Weber for helping us out this weekend, good job by the defense, midfield, and forwards in finishing, and making good runs. It takes a lot to come back from being down, but we showed good resilience.
The next game is on 1/17 vs. AC Majestic. They are 2 points behind us in the standings. We play them at 3pm at the Georgia Soccer Park. They have caused us problems the last few times we played them. There are two players on their team of class, they have a total of 8 of their 12 goals. It appears as if they are their forwards. Let’s destroy them, and eat their children.


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