Pelican's First Team's loss to Havoc FC, riddled with Controversy 2-3

Posted by Josh Abebe on Nov 19 2009 at 07:07AM PST in October 2009 to March 2010

On Sunday the Screaming Pelican’s entered the match fit and enthusiastic to avenge the previous weeks loss vs. Majestic.
As the match started, they controlled the tempo, working the ball up through the defense, up to the forwards, dominating posession. Havoc had few chances in the first half, but those that they did, were on counter attacks, just missing target three times. The tempo was with Pelicans, though, and they seized the moment about half way through the first half. After playing a ball into a checking Lawrence Monroe, he laid the ball off to a streaking Ricky Wells, who played a beautiful through ball off of the right wing to Garritt Tucker. Tucker, then inside of the 18, tucked the ball with professional composure and skill, into the left corner. The build up play was brilliant, and lacked little in the finish, as the Pelicans were confident going into the end of the half.
The second goal came shortly after (goals follow goals), as a strong and confident Diapa, worked hard to get through the defense on the right side of the oppositions box. With plenty of time, he played the ball across the mouth of the goal box, with Scooter Skurski coming across the top of the box, he left it for another streaking midfielder Abebe, who with similar skill to Garritt, tucked the ball into the right corner. Brilliant play again from the Pelican’s side, as they took a commanding 2-0 lead at the half.
The second half was a total turn of posession after the first 10 minutes. The pace of the game took that of a high-school soccer match, as both teams played a bit of kickball to start the half. Havoc had a change of formation, as their central midfield had been unsuccessful in their attack in the first half. Havoc’s first strike of luck, came after about 10 minutes into the half where their left midfielder found a crease in the defense, and beat the side near post. Momentum was starting to change, as about 15 minutes later, they found another small gap in the defense and midfield, and a streaking forward finished a cross to the keeper’s right side. Match tied 2-2. The remaining 15 minutes, was well fought, and battled. Although evenly matched, there were several iffy whistles, that left Pelican’s players scratching their head. These extra whistles were definitely unbalanced, and may have played significantly into the momentum changes during the match. Finally, it all came to a head in the 89th minute, as Havoc was attacking from their defense and midfield. They crossed the ball in, and in an attempt to make a diving header, Havoc lead Punk, #7, flopped as he missed goal. The referee, in stunning, lazy fashion (as he had all game), blew the whistle, and pointed to the spot. He had called a penalty kick, on a forwards attempt at a diving header.
The penalty was executed, although Pelican goalkeeper Steve Cantonis made a great effort and almost got a hand on the kick.
As the whistle blew to continue the match, with Pelicans down 2-3, there was little if any time, and the game ended shortly thereafter.
Pelican’s were left with a feeling of being violated. Like going out with your buddies, and getting hammered, then waking up, not knowing where you are, and looking around to find you’re in a cell with a big ugly guy named Ox. It wasn’t a good feeling.
To all the Pelican’s, a great effort, let’s work on our fitness a bit through the week, and come back gunning. If you need some visual stimulus, other than watching Rehab, Party at the Hard Rock, you can watch Arsenal vs. Sunderland. Have a good one, and if you enjoy reading my articles and want to be cool, vote for # 13 for your MOM each week (just kidding).
Our next match is Sunday, November 22, at 11am, vs. Bafana. The match will be at Riverwood High School, on their turf.


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