Bafana, nothing more than "the boys"...

Posted by Pelicans FC - Manager on Dec 17 2010 at 01:10PM PST in October 2010 to March 2011

(Sandy Springs, GA – November 21, 2010) – Pelicans FC Blue stepped on to the pitch determined to continue their dominance over a feisty Bafana team. Bafana, which is South African for "the boys" were just that on the day, "boys"!

Following a match that saw the Pelicans FC Blue squad drop hot fire on Havoc 6 times over, Bafana knew a clean sheet was as likely as a Noah Fasil Abebe diaper weighing less than 5 pounds after an afternoon snack, that boy is massive!

And so the match started with a quick yellow card handed out by Josh Abebe’s idle and boyhood hero, Ali "the blind, def, dumb and lazy referee", for what surely looked to be weapon on the Bafana midfielder’s wrist, or was it just a yellow Livestrong bracelet. Why was he wearing a bracelet, I’ll reference the earlier part about "the boys".

Bafana took it on the chin early withstanding the Pelicans barrage, but even Glass Joe gets lucky every once in a while, and they were able to sneak one in finding the back of the net midway through the first half. Pelicans FC Blue gathered at halftime to regroup down 1-0. PFC Blue knew they had Bafana in the cross hairs, and it showed as they continued the early first half attacks and found the net twice behind goals from Bryan Hollaway and Sam Hamilton.

Somehow Bafana kept it interesting, and down 2-1, they brought it level off a second counter attack goal. PFC Blue had seen enough and unleashed “The Crackin” who netted the match winner and 2nd goal to put the match away with less than 10 minutes left. A wiley fan on the sideline erupted on the 3rd goal. In her pink plush track suit she yelled out “Lonnie”, “Lonnie"… “it’s about time you scored after missing all those other chances!”

A second strong performance by the Pelicans FC top team showed that the 6-0 drubbing of Havoc FC wasn’t a fluke and earned the squad their 3rd regular season win on the season. PFC Blue currently sits as of this match at 3-2-2.


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