Three Games, and No Losses

Posted by Josh Abebe on Nov 06 2010 at 01:59PM PDT in October 2010 to March 2011

Like Tim Linsecum’s performances in the playoffs, the Pelican’s played three games over the last three weeks of October, and avoided a loss in each of them.
I am sorry it’s taken me so long to write these storylines, I’ve been hanging with the Shaolin Monks at the Monestary in China. My CLEAR wireless card doesn’t pick up there.
On 10/17, the Pelicans played Inter Atlanta FC, a team that had been promoted from the previous year. After dominating most of the first period, and missing several early opportunities, the Pelicans managed to break the scoreless tie with a goal from Aleks Zhekckcywiuerye8uyrs. Ricky Wells earned a well deserved assist, after showing up late to the game. Minutes after feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen, Ricky Wells sprinted onto the field, and darted down the sideline shooting in a dangerous cross, that the sniper Alex Z tucked into the back of the net.
The only attacks that the Inter Atlanta squad could muster were from long balls delivered out of the back, or deep into the midfield. Each attack was snuffed out by a devastating defense, led by Bryce Boggs, Luqmon, Scooter Ski, and a tenacious tackling Richard Murray. Not to be outdone, by Aaron Ingham working his first shut-out of the season.
The end of the first half ended much as it started, the next breakthrough coming from Brian Halloway sneaking across the front of the 18, and finishing in the top left corner of the net. Pelican’s 2, Inter 0 at the end of the half.
The second half was a very dominant half by the Pelicans, with several shots going wide, or missing high. Londell leading the way on many of the opportunities, finally finishing on a beatiful through-ball from the Sniper Alex Z. The defining moment of the run, was Londell hearing, "Make this one count…" coming from one of the roadies on the sideline (Londell, I mean that in a nice way!).
Final score Pelicans 3, Inter 0. Welcome to D2 Inter.
Game 2, on 10/24, ended in a 4-4 tie vs. Neusoft. Back and forth play, with posession dominated by the Pelicans, started with scoring from Josh Abebe. A fantastic goal, the likes of which are only typically seen on Saturday mornings, on The Fox Soccer Channel.
Goals 2 and 3, came from Ricky and a hard working Sam. Ricky scored on one of his patented runs, finishing as cool as the other side of the pillow. Whilst Sam’s goal required a bit more work, but his tenacity proved to be more than that of the Neusoft squad which was aided throughout the game by a referee, that was concerned more with the appearance of the members on the field, than the game going on in it. One player left the pitch after both teams finished with PK’s, tying the score 4-4, stating that he felt ikcy after the game was over. Something about a look that the referee had given him after he made an offsides call. I don’t know, you can ask him about it, he was #7 on Neusoft.
Game #3, on 10/31, was a rematch of the Inter Atlanta game. Inter Atlanta went up early 2-0 in the first half, flopping and whining their way to the early lead. A determined Pelican’s squad was led by a motivated and energized Londell McGlone, and an efficient Luqmon.
After several tactical changes early in the first half, the Pelican’s found their rhythm. Goal one was scored by Aleks Z, who seems to love playing against the Inter team. He said that the referee in the first game made him feel uncomfortable too, but he found a way to play through it. His goal was finished off after Ricky led Brel Clark through the back of the Inter defense, and Brel proceeded to beat two defenders and the goalie before bangooing the ball to Alex for the cool finish.
The next three goals came from the tandem of Londell and Luqmon, who were teamed up at forwards for the first time all season. The formation included a recessed forward, with four midfielders and three defenders.
Assists coming from one another, and from the midfield and goalkeeper positions, the tandem looked like a young Roony and Ronaldo tandem up top for United.
They picked the defense apart, en route to scoring goals two through four in the span of 15 minutes. Finishing their final score about five minutes before the end of the half.
A great recovery from the Pelicans who started very slowly, and couldn’t find the back of the net.
Next game on 11/7, vs. AC Majestic
Time 12:00pm
Location ACC
AC Majestic posts a 3-2 record, with 11 goals for and 4 goals against.
Leading scorers are as follows:
Brad Veillon: 4
Gary Davis: 3
Tim White: 3
Allan Waters: 2
Oscar Caicedo: 1

Seek and destroy
See you tomorrow gents


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