Pelican's Distracted by November Elections, lose 0-5

Posted by Josh Abebe on Oct 06 2010 at 06:55PM PDT in October 2010 to March 2011

Distracted by the upcoming elections, and running around the Atlanta Christian College Pitch like confused college students, the Pelican’s missed their chance to start the season off on a positive note, losing 0-5, to Oooozo.
The Oooozo squad dominated posession from the start, exiting the half up 0-1. The lone bright spot in the second half, other than the few saves made by substitue goalkeeper Jem Big-Macabee, was the missed PK, by Oooozo/Ghanaian forward Asamoah Gyan.
It was quite clear at the end of the game the Pelican’s were either too far left, or too far right, when the ball bounced their way.
Hopefully, we can do some research, put this behind us, and move forward for our next match, on 10/10 @ 1pm, vs. Sting Black. Ball posession, and winning the 50/50 game will be key vs. a team that is also coming off a loss 4-1 vs. Neusoft.
Let’s win this one for ourselves, for Meehan’s, for Slalom, and for Miller Light.

- Pelicans FC Match Report Details -

STARTING SIDE: B. Clark, B. Hollaway, R. Wells, M. Skurski, A. Cameron, J. McAbee, R. Murray, L. Abdur-Rahman, , C. Morgan, J. Abebe, S. Hamilton

SUBSTITUTE: R. Hajnal, M. Ricketts, B. Boggs, J. Patteson

MATCH: Screaming Pelicans FC vs. Ouzo
DATE: October 3, 2010
TIME: 1pm ET

ATTENDANCE: Way to many to count!


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