Pelicans Soar, defeating Wings 3-1

Posted by Josh Abebe on May 06 2010 at 08:06AM PDT in October 2009 to March 2010

Decatur, GA (May 2, 2010) Today, I’m going to try to post and not offend anyone, but that’s highly unlikely.
On the heels of consecutive consecutive losses, the Pelican’s looked to rebound from the defeats with a victory over Wings. Agnes Scott’s pitch was trimmed to perfection, as the strip in the middle of the campus glowed with vibrant excitement.

The game started with Pelican’s dominating posession, and missing multiple shots on goal, and one-on-ones.
The break finally came about 15 minutes into the first half, where a streaking B-Halloway was met by a throughball played on the ground from Doug Johnson. Doug had previously beat 5 or 6 of the Wings attack and midfield, before securing a sneaky ball to Brian about 25 yards out. Halloway intensely finished in the side panel, and the Pelican’s were up early. Continuing to dominate posession, the Pelican’s went into the half confident, but needing the next goal to attempt to put this one under on the strip.

The second half started similar to the way first half ended. Pelican’s match posession dominated the single minded play of the opponents. Wings did have one of the single largest human soccer players south of the MISSISSIPPI. He threatened with a few runs, but a fit and Caribean Matt Rickets was sure to shut down any run that he started.

Pelican’s went up with a second goal about mid way through the second half, as Lawrence, who had been playing sexy balls all game on corners and set pieces, placed a well timed through ball to The Luqman. Although Luqman had missed 7 breakaways earlier in the half, and an additional 7 breakaways after this one…he made sure of this strike, slotting it into the side panel. 9 of those 14 saves by the Wings keeper were instinctual, but non the less brilliant.

Wings got on the board shortly later, by a laser beam strike from 25 yards out from the outside midfielder only to be known as Yakubu. A great strike that would have been saved by no one. The goal was against the run of play. Score 2-1 Pelicans.

The game quickly wrapped up as the Pelican’s continued to attack, giving up few opportunities on the defensive, but having many opportunities attacking forward. The final strike came at the stroke of midnight on the Agnes strip. Lawrence called his shot off of a corner kick, and the header was placed with precision down the middle of the goal by Josh Abebe. A great goal, surpassed only by the delivery.

Final score 3-1, Pelican’s with a dominating victory, and looking to continue the streak of 1, closing out the final games of the season.

The best posession we have seen all year, let’s keep it up.

- Pelicans FC Match Report Details -

STARTING SIDE: B. Clark, B. Hollaway, L. Monroe, R. Wells, M. Skurski, A. Zhelyazkov, A. Cameron, S. Cantonis, R. Murray, D. Johnson, M. Ricketts

SUBSTITUTE: J. Abebe, B. Poynter, M. Lamond, L. Abdur-Rahman, J. Patteson

MATCH: Screaming Pelicans FC vs. Wings Select
DATE: May 2, 2010
TIME: 3pm ET

VENUE: Agnes Scott
ATTENDANCE: The Clark Family and Bob’s lady friend.


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