Pelicans get out hustled...

Posted by Pelicans FC - Manager on Jan 19 2010 at 07:00AM PST in October 2009 to March 2010

The Pelican FC side looked to notch their 2nd straight victory in 2010. The first half saw several good chances for the Pelicans come up short. Byan Hollaway, in his return from injury, had a rocket that just sailed over the crossbar in the later stages of the first half. A few minutes later a well struck header was just wide of the post. Several strong attacking runs were thwarted by the AC Majestic keeper during the first half, partly due to the field conditions. The first half ended down 2-0 for Pelicans FC on sloppy and wet pitch. The Pelican FC side was frustrated at themselves, but they had seen this before and proven they could come back from a 2-0 deficit, just asked Bafana!

Pelicans FC pushed the second half with new vigor and a streaking Doug Johnson, from his central defense position, found himself on a breakaway beating the keeper and pulling a goal back. Down 2-1 the Pelicans continued to push the attack. Matt Ricketts did a great job man marking AC Majestic’s dangerous striker for the remaining 45 and helping limit his chances.

Midway through the second half a well placed Ricky Wells cross found a streaking Bryan Hollaway from his outside midfield position, finishing with a well placed volley that tied the match at 2-2. The game would continue back and forth, but in the 38th minute a questionable call was given 30 yards out from the Pelican FC goal. One of three Majestic players, all offsides, connected on the played in ball heading home what would be the controversial winning goal. Reserve keeper Kendall White played a great game in net with several saves throughout the game keeping it close. The field conditions did not help against a hungry scrappy Majestic side. When asked about the game and how the Pelican FC side played against AC Majestic, captain Josh Abebe simply stated, "we lost 3-2. They wanted the game more than we did. We fought valiantly to overcome the defecit, and almost did, but in the end they came out on top".


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