SPFC Loses 2 players to injury and the match

Posted by Pelicans FC - Manager on Nov 09 2009 at 05:14AM PST in October 2009 to March 2010

Not only did the Screaming Pelicans FC squad suffer defeat, losing 1-0 on a late counter attack goal, but they lost 2 starting strikers due to injury. Bryan Hollaway went down early in the first half with a badly sprained ankle leaving SPFC side to play much of the first half with 10 players. Having only 10 players did not slow down the SPFC attack as possession and scoring opportunities were clearly in favor of SPFC. A late arrival by Aleks Zhelyazkov put SPFC back to 11 players to finish off the 1st half. Overall, SPFC was clearly the more talented team, but AC Majestic hustled and used a deep bench to continually pressure and foul SPFC. The second half saw SPFC continue to push the attack creating several good chances. A good save midway through the 2nd half by the AC Majestic keeper kept the game at 0-0. A well timed ball sent SPFC striker Braden Overbeck through on a clear breakaway, however as he went straight down the middle the keeper came out. Braden beat the keeper pushing ball past him only to have the keeper take out his feet and in the process breaking his leg. No penalty kick was awarded nor was a red card. The SPFC side was now down to 10 men with 3 injured players on the bench. SPFC continued to fight and dig deep, especially after not playing for 3 weeks. A late counter attack by AC Majestic saw one of only 2 real scoring chances beat the SPFC keeper for the game’s only goal. It was tough loss as SPFC not only to lost to a side that was clearly dominated throughout the match, but also lost 2 SPFC players in the process. SPFC looks to get back on track next Sunday against Havoc FC, 3pm at ACC.


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